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121 Sullivan Lane
Lake Lure, NC 28746
Robert Taylor
Do you have some rare coins and stamps you wish to determine their true worth? Whether you received them as a gift from a dear friend or loved one, you might consider knowing the value of what they actually left for you.Welcome to Classic Coins and Stamps where we do local stamp and coin evaluations all over NC, SC, eastern Tennessee and Virginia.Most evaluations/appraisals I do are for free!Stamp and coin collecting is a hobby that I started in west Florida in the early 1970′s.  I take pride in meeting or exceeding every customer’s expectations of worth for coins, stamps and some jewelry.My four decades of experience as a collector and appraiser have given me what it takes to offer honest estimates of what any rare coins, jewelry and stamps are worth. Classic Coins and Stamps is neither an online selling website nor am I a jeweler.  I provide appraisal or estimated values of coins, stamps and jewelry plus I purchase all of these products.  I don’t just stop at that.  I also educate everyone during the evaluation process so that when I leave their home, they will know much more about their items than 95% of the people in their area.You don’t have to worry about how to reach me within the 250 mile radius that I operate from (Lake Lure, NC area).  I will drive to your location (as a rule) and do the evaluations free of charge (as a rule) then buy whatever items you have. Classic Coins and Stamps offers risk free services to everyone.  If you live outside the 250-mile radius, I have put procedures in place to receive your items safely at my location through Registered and Insured USPS mail.


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